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Business Intelligence

Simulated Attacks: Keeping Your Phishing Statistics Honest

Posted by Gretel Egan on 10/10/17

As pioneers in the development of simulated phishing attacks, we naturally recommend using these assessment tools as foundational components of security awareness training programs. But just as we believe there is more to successful security education than phishing tests, we feel there is more to measuring program success than tracking end-user click rates. And that’s for one simple reason: these metrics don’t provide a full view into your organization’s susceptibility.

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Security Awareness Training Data Is Great…But Wisdom Is Better

Posted by Greg Haas on 9/26/17

The amount of data tracked throughout every aspect of our lives is ever increasing, as are the opportunities to track even more data.  Whether as a customer, a contributor for your organization, an investor, or even a parent, there is an enormous framework to grow our knowledge and understand the impacts we impose on others and experience ourselves.  However, in cybersecurity awareness training (as in life) data alone is not the rationale that drives decisions, defines success or failure, interprets risk, and so forth.

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