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Risk Management

Three Simple Steps for Securing Your Home WiFi Network

Posted by Gretel Egan on Nov 10, 2016 4:49:23 PM

You may have heard (or read) of the dangers of connecting to free, open-access WiFi networks. But did you know that your home network can also be hazardous to your personal data? If you have not taken the proper security precautions, your home WiFi is likely to be just as vulnerable as the open wireless network at your corner coffee shop. Without the proper defenses, your network could be accessible to anyone with even a modest set of cyber snooping skills.

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New Wombat Program Helps Retailers Deliver More Effective Security Awareness Training

Posted by Gretel Egan on Nov 8, 2016 9:15:00 AM

Retail organizations have long been a target for cybercriminals seeking opportunities to gain access to valuable credit card and personal information, as well as internal policies and procedures. Our new Security Awareness and Training Program for Retail Organizations is designed to help address the unique cybersecurity and education challenges retail enterprises face on a daily basis.

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Why It’s Important to Update Software, Plug-Ins, and Applications

Posted by Gretel Egan on Oct 12, 2016 11:54:59 AM

If you use a computer, you use an operating system and several kinds of software (e.g., anti-virus programs and Microsoft Office components) and web plug-ins (e.g., Flash and Java). And if you use a smartphone and/or tablet, each of those uses an operating system and several (or many) software applications. Furthermore, if you use internet-connected devices and systems — like fitness trackers, security monitors, thermostats, and even some cars — each of those has its own special software.

Operating systems and software are the brains of the devices we use — and, like real brains, there’s always more to learn. Developers and manufacturers are constantly making improvements and getting feedback, which means they regularly push out updated versions of software and mobile applications. These updates often deliver expanded functionality, but they just as often fix bugs and correct security flaws that were found in prior versions.

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Three Clean Desk Habits to Implement Today

Posted by Gretel Egan on Oct 6, 2016 9:07:06 AM

In honor of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we will be doing several posts that offer brief, actionable tips that you can employ at work and at home to improve device and data security. Up first: three tips for cleaning up your workspace that will pay dividends with regard to cybersecurity.

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Beyond the Phish Report Shows Need for Broader Employee Awareness and Training

Posted by Gretel Egan on Sep 1, 2016 2:10:24 PM

On September 1, we released our 2016 Beyond the Phish Report, a cybersecurity awareness analysis that shows major end-user knowledge gaps that pose significant risk to organizations across a range of vertical markets, including healthcare, telecoms, retail, and transportation.

The report reveals that many cybersecurity threats that are prevalent today — including oversharing on social media, unsafe use of WiFi, and company confidential data exposure — are not well-understood by end users. These activities are not only dangers in their own right, they are contributing factors to the ever-expanding phishing problem. 

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